Exit Condition Report

The Exit condition report (Form 14a) or The Exit condition report (Form 14b) for a movable dwelling/site shows the condition of the property and any inclusions (e.g. furniture) when the tenant leaves. There is no Exit condition report form for rooming accommodation. The Exit condition report is an important part of the bond refund process. It is compared to the Entry condition report (Form…

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Inspections & Entry Notices

When a tenant is renting a property or room, it is their home. The property manager/owner may need to enter for an inspection, repair or a viewing, but it is important that the tenant’s privacy is respected. Entry notice The property manager/owner can only enter the property for a valid reason and if the correct…

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Bond Refunds

The Refund of rental bond (Form 4) should be completed and sent to the RTA when the tenancy has ended. The quickest and easiest way to get a bond refund is for the tenant and the property manager/owner to reach agreement about how the bond is to be paid out. Agreed refunds there must be an agreement…

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I Want to Break My Lease

Notice Periods exist for ending a Tenancy, and they can be found by following this link: Notice Periods for Ending a Tenancy (RTA) To end a tenancy early you must: Always inform the property manager/owner in writing of your intention to leave. You may be asked to pay: reasonable re-letting costs (usually 1 week’s rent…

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