Townsville Real Estate Agencies

Townsville Real Estate Agencies

One of the biggest mistakes people make when selling their home is not hiring a good real estate agent. It can be difficult to know just exactly what makes a good real estate agent. An expert agent will make all the difference when it comes to selling your home. Since most people on average only buy and sell about one or two times in their life, you can’t afford to make a mistake by choosing the wrong agent. Following a few tips will help you find a highly qualified real estate agent to sell your home successfully.

The first tip for finding a good real estate agent is to ask the important questions. Many people waste time asking the wrong questions. Always keep in mind that as the owner of the property, you should always remain in control. Never let the real estate agent control you. The following questions are helpful for weeding out agents that are unqualified and inexperienced. You should always test your real estate agent prior to hiring them. Some of these questions may be difficult for them to answer, but the answers will help you learn a lot about a potential agent’s skills.

Questions to ask your real estate agent:
How will you get the best possible price for my home?
How would you rate your negotiating skills?
What are the most important points of negotiation to you?l
Do you have any examples of your negotiation skills?
What price do you think you can sell my home for?
How much commission do you charge?
Is your fee negotiable?
What sets you apart from other real estate agents?
Don’t accept vague answers when it comes to these questions. Common responses will include “it depends on the market” or “what do you want for it”? Stand firm when asking important questions. If you receive a quote from the agent, ask for it in writing or how often they sell homes for the price they quote their clients.

Another tip for finding a good real estate agent is to do your research. Check out your potential agent. Many people fail to look into their agent and end up stuck in a contract after its too late. Mystery shopping is one way you can eliminate bad agents. Start by emailing ten agents and including your phone number. The ones that don’t reply are automatically disqualified. The agents that respond with a standard email as opposed to making a personal call can also be weeded out. An agent that follows through by making a personal call has a better chance of closing a sale.

Finally, remember to never pay a real estate agent anything until your home is sold and you are happy with the results. Never sign anything that will require you to pay a commission if your home does not sell. Look into the agent’s advertising policies and make sure it is a professional package. Carefully review their terms and conditions for commission and advertising before you sign anything.

Following these tips can help you choose an experienced and highly skilled real estate agent to sell your home successfully.