What Happens on Settlement Day?

On settlement day your solicitor and the buyer’s solicitor will forward to your agent notification that the property has settled. Once your agent receives these instructions in writing they are able to release keys to the buyer. The agent will not release the keys without first receiving these written instructions from the solicitors even if…

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Renovating or improving Before Sale

You may want to consider renovating or improving your home before you put it up for sale. Think about how much money you would spend and whether it’s likely to improve your sale price. Think about your home’s safety devices. By law, your home should already have certain types of safety devices. You may need…

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Appointing a solicitor

We strongly recommend you get independent legal advice before you sell your home. Solicitors must have insurance—this protects you in case they do something wrong. When choosing a solicitor: shop around for experience, services and costs find a firm that specialises in property or conveyancing make sure your solicitor isn’t connected to any other party…

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