What are the Benefits of Pre-Approval

If you’re looking to purchase a house but you’re not sure how much you can spend, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Getting pre-approved is one of many steps that will show Vendors that you are serious about purchasing and often helps to speed up the process once your offer has been accepted.

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What is a Pre-Approval Home Loan?

A loan pre-approval means that a lender has agreed, in principle, to lend you an amount of money towards the purchase of your home but hasn’t proceeded to full or final approval. It allows you to know your maximum available funds so you can narrow your search and negotiate with more certainty. Understanding your budget…

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Appointing a solicitor

We strongly recommend you get independent legal advice before you sell your home. Solicitors must have insurance—this protects you in case they do something wrong. When choosing a solicitor: shop around for experience, services and costs find a firm that specialises in property or conveyancing make sure your solicitor isn’t connected to any other party…

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