The Daring & Young Sales System

Rae White - Property Sales Consultant

Rae White
Property Sales Consultant

Jason Magyar Property Sales Consultant

Jason Magyar
Property Sales Consultant

The Daring & Young Sales System is based on fact and integrity.

YES to fact-based research
NO to ‘guesses’ of property value

In-depth, objective, market research is  first step for a successful sale. The aim is to find justifiable evidence of your property value.  This provides certainty that you will not undersell your property, as well as a solid starting point for developing a pricing strategy that will achieve the best result.

YES to premium, high-quality marketing campaign
NO to cutting corners on quality—guaranteed.

The way a property is marketed is a primary factor in how that property is perceived within the market. A well-marketed property will achieve a better result than a poorly marketed one. We invest heavily in premium photography, quality branding and effective, high-exposure marketing campaigns that ensure your property will always be presented to potential buyers in the best possible light.

YES to no upfront fees—until your property sells.
NO to expensive upfront fees—guaranteed.

There are a lot of legitimate advertising expenses that are required to sell a property well. When you add up the cost of, Domain, Signs, Brochures, and Photography the marketing costs are considerable. Most real-estate agencies today require their clients the pay these fees upfront—a huge cost to a seller in what is already a very expensive process.

YES to fair, realistic commission rates
NO to inflated, unrealistic commission fees
The commission rate that you pay to your agent is a significant factor when selling your property. While most agents tend to gloss over the importance of commission rate in a sale, we place it front and center. We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce the unnecessary costs that drive up commission rates within an agency.  Hence our very competitive rates without sacrificing on quality or service.

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