Selling Your Property with Daring & Young

Why sell your property with Daring & Young?


1. We charge considerably less commission!

At Daring & Young, our commission rates are considerably lower than most other Townsville agencies. By use a flat-rate commission, we’re able to save our clients $$$$ thousands in unnecessary commission charges.

Although our rates are lower, we ensure that our high-level of service and quality is always maintained. The best financial result requires both a superior sale price as well as the lowest possible fees. At Daring and Young, that’s exactly what we provide.

2. We’ll cover all your marketing costs until your property sells!

Unlike most agencies, we, at Daring & Young, cover more marketing fees for our clients than any other Townsville real-estate agency. We actually cover all of the marketing costs for your property—until your property sells!

With absolutely no upfront fees, you can list your property without worrying about the risk and financial burden of upfront marketing.

3. A Marketing Package that Works

Quality marketing and presentation is without a doubt one of the most important factors in a sale. A well-presented property sends the right message to buyers, and creates a perception of quality.

At Daring & Young, we’ve put a lot of effort into refining every element within our marketing packages so that they reflect quality and sophistication.

Here’s what we include in our marketing package:

Listing on (First Page Premier Ad Upgrade*)
Listing on Domain
Professional photography session
Detailed floorplan
Professional signboard
All open homes and inspections
Professionally printed full-colour brochures


4. Our sales strategies are designed to maximize value

Our primary goal is to help you achieve the best possible end result with your sale. Our effective sales strategies consistently achieve exceptional results.

5. We’re an ethical agency

We always strive to provide fact-based advice to our clients. We’re not into aggressive or pushy sales tactics and always take an honest, no-nonsense approach to selling property. At the end of the day, we’ re your agent, and our role is to serve and advise you along the sales process.

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  • If you then choose us as your sales agents, we'll handle everything, and guide you along the sales journey!

We are always happy to provide honest, upfront advice and options.