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What’s An Appraisal? How Does It Work?


Each property is unique. For most sellers, their property is more than just an asset to be sold as there are many emotions involved. It really isn’t an easy journey.

There’s no one template with which to  appraise all properties as there are many factors involved in the appraisal process. The size of the property, its location, its special or unique features, its age and current state, indeed they all play a role in appraising the property.

We also use comparable prices for similar properties currently on offer or sold recently in the neighborhood, and the wider Townsville area. We also keep tabs on current economic conditions and factor them in to optimally appraise the property.

Importantly, we work closely with our customers and listen carefully to their wishes, goals and dreams. Our motto throughout the whole process is earning your trust first, and then work together to get things done smoothly and stress-free.


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What happens next?

  • We'll organize a convenient time to come and explain all that we can do for you with regards to selling your property;
  • We'll then provide a honest appraisal of your property, including a comparative analysis of other sales in your area;
  • If you then choose us as your sales agents, we'll handle everything, and guide you along the sales journey!

We are always happy to provide honest, upfront advice and options.