The best real estate agents in Townsville are the ones who listen carefully to your specific needs and financial goals and have your best interest at heart.

How to find the best real estate agents in Townsville?

  1. First, do your homework and research all resources concerning active real estate agents in Townsville. There are numerous online resources available at your disposal to get you on track.
  2. Next, contact two or three agents with favourable ratings;
  3. Now, get those agents to send you quotes and a brief on how they intend to help you to get your property sold;
  4. Now it’s time to ask the real-estate agents to elaborate on their marketing package and whether or not you’ll be required to pay in advance for that package.
  5. At this stage, ask for fees and commission rates associated with the sale of your property;
  6. Next, it is time to select the one real estate agent in Townsville, who most impressed you and earned your trust.
  7. Now you should expect your real-estate agent to provide you with the most courteous and cost-effective real estate service.


What to Expect of Good Real Estate Agents in Townsville?

  • Inform you about the market current conditions;
  • Suggest a price, backed up by factual evidence that you can easily understand;
  • Present commission fees and how these fees will be working for you;
  • Provide you with fact-based options on how best to market your property, and, explain the importance of staging so as to increase sales value;
  • Present a total schedule of where and how to invest your marketing money;
  • Provide a list of steps to consider to improve your chances to sell;
  • Show references from others who have sold their property with them;
  • Understand your situation and were able to provide a realistic recommendation given current market conditions.

Finally, contact us if you have any questions.

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