Our Core Values

We act with transparency and honesty

We believe that a strong, long-term relationship is founded on the ability to act with honesty in mind. When everyone is operating under open and transparent conditions, there is no room for misrepresentation or conflict, allowing us to enjoy a beneficial, stress-free relationship with our clients.


We provide fact-based advice and never overquote

All too often, agents tend to quote highest price to a vendor in order to secure a listing—even when they know that the price they have quoted is significantly more than what is actually achievable.

This practice can be significantly damaging to a seller, resulting in ineffective marketing campaigns, low sales success rates, lost marketing funds and wasted time on the market.

We always base our pricing estimates on real fact, and will share with you the data we have used to come to any particular conclusion. Of course, we will always create strategies that will obtain the highest possible price. At the same time, we’ll never mislead you by misrepresenting your property’s value.


We provide real value

At Daring & Young, we strive to offer better value to our clients,  the kind of value that will genuinely leave you financially better off at the end of the sales process.

The Daring & Young system is based on fact and integrity.

Get in Touch; We Respond Promptly.

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What happens next?

  • We'll organize a convenient time to come and explain all that we can do for you with regards to selling your property;
  • We'll then provide a honest appraisal of your property, including a comparative analysis of other sales in your area;
  • If you then choose us as your sales agents, we'll handle everything, and guide you along the sales journey!

We are always happy to provide honest, upfront advice and options.