Our Low Commission Rates

Unlike our competitors, we don’t ‘match’ commission rates. Instead, we engage in pro-active, affordable and fair pricing. We are not oblivious to the current economic downturn and we think it’s only fair that we adjust our pricing accordingly.

We’ve organized our commission rates in no less than seven tiers, which we believe to be the fairest commission rates around.

Tier A
$0 to 149,999: only $3280

Tier B
$150,000 to 249,999: only $4500

Tier C
$250,000 to 349,999: only $5950

Tier D
$350,000 to 449,999: only $7750

Tier E
$450,000 to 649,999: only $9900

Tier F
$650,000 upwards: only $15000


All rates are exclusive of GST.

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